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Electric Outboards Engines

With the development of the new technology and increasingly stringent environmental requirements, in order to satisfy clients more, the electric outboards were designed to be clean and quiet for environmentally sensitive waters.

Compared with traditional gasoline outboard engine, it provides plenty of power for trolling and propulsion and it has the conventional outboards construction and design, which provides trust-worthy reliability. If needed, two electric outboard motors can be used in parallel.

Following are more features:

No emission of pollution at all, meets the environmental requirements of low-carbon; smooth running and low noise.

More reliability and longer life because of water-cooled electrical motor and controller; Centralized control and easy operation.

With multiple protections, such as over-speed protection, overload protection, temperature protection, over-voltage and over-current protection. Equipped with emergency stop switch, the outboards can be stopped in emergency.

Users can choose to configure liquid crystal display which can show fault code, power consumption, rotation rate, reversal, voltage, current, etc. Users can choose to configure hydraulic tilt device as well.

The engine comes in 

  • 9.9hp electric outboards
  • 7hp electric outboards
  • 5hp electric outboards

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